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The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria
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Charting a New Course? Testing Rouhani’s Foreign Policy Agency in the Iran-Syria Relationship
Iran and Syria have enjoyed one of the most enduring alliances in the Middle East, with the relationship surviving the Iran—Iraq war, decades of international sanctions, and the Iranian nuclearExpand
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Iran in the world president Rouhani' s foreign policy
1. Rouhani's first two years in office: Opportunities and risks in contemporary Iran Shahram Akbarzadeh & Dara Conduit 2. Iran and the changing regional strategic environment Amin Saikal 3. Iran'sExpand
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The Patterns of Syrian Uprising: Comparing Hama in 1980–1982 and Homs in 2011
Abstract Economic grievances that marginalized rural citizens and eroded the Syrian government’s political base are widely considered to have sparked the 2011 uprising. Although the country’sExpand
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Iran in the World
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The Syrian Uprising
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The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s Founding Ideas
The 'inside track' approach to change in Iran under President Rouhani: the case of freedom on the internet
Some of the loudest calls for reform in post-revolutionary Iran have come from those closest to the regime. President Mohammad Khatami (1997–2005) and President Hassan Rouhani (2013–) were keyExpand
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Authoritarian power in space, time and exile
Abstract Autocrats have been shown to exert influence over their populations and dissidents abroad through strategies such as ‘transnational repression’ or ‘diaspora engagement’ policies,Expand
Pre-election polling and the democratic veneer in a hybrid regime
ABSTRACT Hybrid regimes have consolidated on the back of techniques that balance strong regime structures with tokenistic pluralism. This democratic veneer is performed through pseudo markers ofExpand