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The loss of biodiversity caused by human activity is assumed to alter ecosystem functioning. However our understanding of the magnitude of the effect of these changes on functional diversity and their impact on the dynamics of ecological processes is still limited. We analyzed the functional diversity of copro-necrophagous beetles under different conditions(More)
Selective logging can have negative effects on biodiversity and on key ecological processes such as seed dispersal and forest regeneration. Yet, the effect that timber extraction has on animal behavior and habitat use is poorly known. We tested whether the density, distribution, and composition of sleeping sites used by spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi)(More)
This work contributes in the identification and understanding of dehydrin genes and their function in the mechanisms of cold tolerance in eucalypt species. Dehydrins play a fundamental role in plant response and adaptation to abiotic stresses, having an important role in seed desiccation, response to abscisic acid, low temperatures, drought and salinity(More)
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