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In the past decade, the best frequency synthesizers of millimeter-wave communication systems were made from III-V (GaAs or InP) compound based HBTs because of high f T and f max , low 1/f noise, low substrate loss, and high-Q on-chip transmission lines and passive components [1, 2]. More recently, SiGe HBTs were also used for VCOs due to their low 1/f noise(More)
— Digital control of the effective dielectric constant of a differential mode transmission line is shown up to 60GHz in standard CMOS technology. The effective dielectric constant is shown to increase from 5 to over 50 for the fixed artificial dielectric case. The digital controlled artificial dielectric transmission line (DiCAD) uses MOS switches to(More)
A compact 60GHz CMOS differential direct conversion receiver front-end based on eight-metal-layer interleaved on-chip transformers is realized for low voltage (1.2V) and high gain (24dB) operation with input 1dB compression point of-11dBm, Noise Figure of 10.5dB and power consumption of 4.3mW/arm. Compared with prior arts in CMOS, this receiver achieves the(More)
—A new injection-locked frequency divider (ILFD) circuit topology, by combining the strengths of LC type ILFD (LC_ILFD) and ring oscillator type ILFD (RO_ILFD), is proposed to achieve high speed, low power, wide locking range and accurate quadrature output phases. The frequency-division criterion is analyzed and agrees well with simulation results. The(More)
This paper presents new circuit topologies and design techniques for low-phase-noise CMOS mmWave Quadrature VCO (QVCO) and VCOs. A transformer coupling with extra phase shift is proposed in QVCO to decouple the tradeoff between phase noise (PN) and phase error and improve the PN performance. This technique is demonstrated in a mmWave QVCO with a measured PN(More)
An innovative and manufacturable technology for three-dimensional substrate impedance engineering based on p<sup>-</sup>/p<sup>+</sup> Si substrates, which meets the stringent substrate requirement for high performance system-on-chip applications, is described. Electroless plating is used to fabricate Faraday cage for crosstalk isolation and true ground(More)
The spatial structure of Beijing has changed dramatically since the reforms of the late 1970s. It is not clear, however, whether these changes have been sufficient to transform the city's monocentric spatial structure into a polycentric one. This paper uses 2010 enterprise registered data to investigate the spatial distribution of employment in Beijing.(More)