Daphne Rainey

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BACKGROUND Completed genome sequences are rapidly increasing for Rickettsia, obligate intracellular alpha-proteobacteria responsible for various human diseases, including epidemic typhus and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. In light of phylogeny, the establishment of orthologous groups (OGs) of open reading frames (ORFs) will distinguish the core rickettsial(More)
Phylogenetic analysis and examination of protein domains allow accurate genome annotation and are invaluable to study proteins and protein complex evolution. However, two sequences can be homologous without sharing statistically significant amino acid or nucleotide identity, presenting a challenging bioinformatics problem. We present TreeDomViewer, a(More)
Estrogen is known to play an important role in regulating reproductive function in female rats through actions exerted at the preoptic area, a part of the brain that is markedly sexually dimorphic and which contains abundant estrogen receptors. A critical question to our understanding of estrogen's action on the brain is to identify the types of neurons(More)
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