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The results of a rapid, direct blood culture disk susceptibility test indicated that antimicrobial chemotherapy should be changed in 48 of 173 patients with bacteremia. In 32 patients (66.6%), the indicated change was made approximately 24 h sooner than if conventional, nonrapid susceptibility tests had been used to guide therapy.
Sartorius muscles of the frog Rana pipiens were used to study the incidence of motor nerve sprouting in normal unoperated muscles, in experimental muscles contralateral to axotomy of the sartorius nerve, and in sham-operated control muscles. Muscles were stained with either a combination of nitroblue tetrazolium nerve terminal stain and cholinesterase stain(More)
Low back pain and leg pain commonly occur together. Multiple factors can cause low back related leg pain; therefore, identification of the source of symptoms is required in order to develop an appropriate intervention program. The patient in this case presented with low back and leg pain. A patho-mechanism based classification is described in combination(More)
A surgical technique for implanting a posterior chamber intraocular lens (IOL) in eyes without capsular or zonular support is presented. A 10-0 polypropylene suture attached to a standard needle is tied to the apex of each haptic and passed transclerally through the ciliary sulcus to secure the haptics at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock meridians. This(More)
A total of 556 unique blood culture isolates of nonfastidious aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria were examined by direct and standardized disk susceptibility test methods (4,234 antibiotic-organism comparisons). When discrepancies which could be accounted for by the variability inherent in disk diffusion susceptibility tests were excluded, the(More)
Two unrelated boys had a history of bilateral corneal clouding at birth following uncomplicated full-term gestations and spontaneous vaginal deliveries (without forceps). Clinical examinations disclosed bilateral corneal edema, no inflammation, and normal intraocular pressures. There was no history of similarly affected family members. The patients(More)
Glutathione peroxidase was extracted from calf trabecular meshwork. The kinetics of this enzyme were examined, varying the substrates hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), tert- butylhydroperoxide ( tBHP ), and glutathione. The activity of the enzyme in nonpurified homogenates was 596 nmole H2O2 reduced/min/gm wet weight and 680 nmole tBHP reduced/min/gm wet weight(More)
Enucleated calf and primate eyes were perfused with either p-chloromercuribenzene sulfonate (PCMBS) or p-chloromercuribenzene (PCMB). Both caused a decrease in aqueous outflow that did not result from inhibition of glycolysis in trabecular cells. Morphologic studies of PCMBS-treated primate eyes suggested that the reduction in aqueous outflow occurred as(More)
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