Daphne Martin

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  • Daphne Martin
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  • 1996
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of pre-operative visits by theatre nurses on pre- and post-operative levels of anxiety in two groups of general surgical patients, and to see if the outcome was reflected in the level of post-operative pain, nausea, mobility or length of hospitalisation. One group received pre-operative visits while the other(More)
This article reports an initiative to improve students' insight into service user and carer experience of endoscopy, particularly those with severe disability, such as spinal cord injury. This insight has the potential to improve the information provided and level of person-centred care in an endoscopy service. It was evident in the feedback from the(More)
This survey aimed to examine GPs' awareness of the learning disabilities services in Sandwell, West Midlands, and their attitudes towards them. Sixty-two per cent of GPs participated in the study which involved completion of a short questionnaire or interview. The questionnaire was either administered to the GP during a short interview, or completed by a GP(More)
Leadership and its effectiveness is becoming more prevalent within the nursing profession with anaesthetic nurse specialists showing their ability to lead, inspire and motivate others to work towards a shared vision in the rapidly changing peri-anaesthesia environment. Anaesthetic nurse specialists must therefore be aware of their personal leadership skills(More)
Northern Irish (and all UK-based) health care is facing major challenges. This article uses a specific theory to recommend and construct a framework to address challenges faced by the author, such as deficits in compression bandaging techniques in healing venous leg ulcers and resistance found when using evidence-based research within this practice. The(More)
This study aims to report the analysis of the concept of perioperative vulnerability. Literature searches were conducted in databases CINAHL, Medline, PsychINFO, OVID, InterNurse, as well as a manual library search from article reference lists. Search terms were restricted to 'concept analysis', 'vulnerability', 'perioperative', 'patient' and 'perioperative(More)
Aspiration pneumonitis (Mendelson's syndrome) is universally accepted as a complication of general anaesthesia. According to Ellis et al (2007) death from aspiration was first described by Simpson in 1848, and it was not until 1946 that Mendelson identified acid aspiration in a significant number of obstetric patients undergoing facemask anaesthesia. The(More)
AIM To determine whether the use of an online or blended learning paradigm has the potential to enhance the teaching of clinical skills in undergraduate nursing. BACKGROUND The need to adequately support and develop students in clinical skills is now arguably more important than previously considered due to reductions in practice opportunities. Online and(More)