Daphne J. Theodorou

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We found that several transposable elements were highly active in Drosophila brain during normal aging. In addition, we found that mutations in Drosophila Argonaute 2 (Ago2) resulted in exacerbated transposon expression in the brain, progressive and age-dependent memory impairment, and shortened lifespan. These findings suggest that transposon activation(More)
We describe the clinical features and MR-imaging findings of spontaneous spinal subarachnoid hemorrhage located in the lumbar spine associated with subdural hematoma at a higher, thoracic level in a 66-year-old man without neurological deficit. The sequential MR-imaging changes of hemorrhage at various stages in its evolution are portrayed. The possible(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this work was to demonstrate nerve anatomy of the medial plantar (MP) and lateral plantar (LP) nerves and the first branch of the lateral plantar (FBLP) nerve as depicted with MRI. METHOD High resolution MRI of the heel was performed with a standard transmit-receive extremity coil in six human cadaveric specimens using sagittal,(More)
The objective of this study was to describe the computed tomographic (CT) features of myofibroblastic inflammatory tumor of the lung with histopathologic correlation. The medical records and imaging studies of eight patients with pathologically proven myofibroblastic inflammatory tumor of the lung were reviewed. On radiographs and CT images, a poorly(More)
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