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In this paper, the properties of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and its application to electrical engineering education are addressed. In recent years, many engineering schools witnessed a much more diverse cohort of engineering students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The different levels of performance of the students were sometimes attributed(More)
The Palomar Cosmic Web Imager (PCWI), an integral field spectrograph designed to detect and map low surface brightness emission, has obtained imaging spectroscopic maps of Lyα from the circum-QSO medium (CQM) of QSO HS1549+19 at redshift z=2.843. Extensive extended emission is detected from the CQM, consistent with fluorescent and pumped Lyα produced by the(More)
Nudging behaviors through user interface design is a practice that is well-studied in HCI research. Corporations often use this knowledge to modify online interfaces to influence user information disclosure. In this paper, we experimentally test the impact of a norm-shaping design patterns on information divulging behavior. We show that (1) a set of images,(More)
The specifics of how galaxies form from, and are fuelled by, gas from the intergalactic medium remain uncertain. Hydrodynamic simulations suggest that 'cold accretion flows'--relatively cool (temperatures of the order of 10(4) kelvin), unshocked gas streaming along filaments of the cosmic web into dark-matter halos--are important. These flows are thought to(More)
The intergalactic medium (IGM) is the dominant reservoir of baryons, delineates the large scale structure of the universe at low to moderate overdensities, and provides gas from which galaxies form and evolve. Simulations of a Cold Dark Matter (CDM) dominated universe predict that the IGM is distributed in a cosmic web of filaments, and that galaxies should(More)
In this paper, the findings based on a graduate electrical engineering course titled`Real-Time Control Systems Design' are analyzed and reported. This course is comprised of a lecture and laboratory component where the students are expected to transform their theoretical knowledge into a viable team laboratory design and present the results to the entire(More)
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