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Aiming at ensuring privacy preservation in personal data publishing, the topic of anonymization has been intensively studied in recent years. However, existing anonymization techniques all assume each tuple in the microdata table contains one single sensitive attribute (the SSA case), while none paid attention to the case of multiple sensitive attributes in(More)
Secure XML query answering to protect data privacy and semantic cache to speed up XML query answering are two hot spots in current research areas of XML database systems. While both issues are independently explored in depth, these two have not been studied together, that is, the problem of semantic cache for secure XML query answering has not been(More)
Anonymization is proposed to alleviate the problem of privacy disclosure in recent years. Previous approaches typically generalize the specific values in the original data table to achieve anonymization. However, these solutions suffer from information loss in different degrees. In this paper, we propose the concept of set-expression, which causes less data(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the short-term clinical effects on application of absorbable RIGIDfix cross pins and Intrafix screw for posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction with autogenetic or xenogenic semitendinosus-plus-semimembranosus tendons under arthroscope. METHODS From June 2005 to January 2007, 36 cases of PCL injuries (including 20 fresh(More)
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