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In archival storage systems, there is a huge amount of duplicate data or redundant data, which occupy significant extra equipments and power consumptions, largely lowering down resources utilization (such as the network bandwidth and storage) and imposing extra burden on management as the scale increases. So data de-duplication, the goal of which is to(More)
Data De-duplication has become a commodity component in data-intensive storage systems. But compared with other traditional storage paradigms, de-duplication system achieves elimination of data duplications or redundancies at the cost of bringing several additional layers or function components into the I/O path, and these additional components are either(More)
The expanding interest for storage and computation has driven the development of vast information centers–the gigantic server cultivates that run huge numbers of today's Internet and business applications. This work proposes another upgraded design for storage virtualization. In a local customer server environment stores information, as well as oversees(More)
Stress-induced hyperglycemia is a fundamental adaptive response that mobilizes energy stores in response to threats. Here, our examination of the contributions of the central catecholaminergic (CA) neuronal system to this adaptive response revealed that CA neurons in the ventrolateral medulla (VLM) control stress-induced hyperglycemia. Ablation of VLM CA(More)
Data de-duplication is a developing and widely engaged method for recent storage systems. Cloud storage is an isolated storage service, where users can upload and transfer their data anytime and anywhere. However, it raises problems regarding privacy and data secrecy because all the data are stored in the cloud storage. This is a focus of concern for users,(More)
In this paper, we describe a COM between the interior enterprise application and public cloud storage platform which is closer to the client we called-Cloudkey, which is designed to take responsible for enterprise data backup business. Cloudkey stores data persistently in a cloud storage provider such as Amazon S3 [1] or Windows Azure [2], allowing users to(More)