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Conventional middleware architectures suffer from insufficient module-level reusability and the ability to adapt in face of func-tionality evolution and diversification. To overcome these deficiencies, we propose the Modelware methodology adopting the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach and aspect oriented programming (AOP). We advocate the use of(More)
The decoupling of producers and consumers in the publish/subscribe paradigm lends itself well to the support of mobile users who roam about the environment with intermittent network connectivity. This paper presents the first quantitative evaluation of publisher mobility in a distributed publish/subscribe system. Our results indicate that publisher mobility(More)
Hypothermia is an effective neuroprotective treatment for brain injury caused by intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). It is reported to reduce brain edema and neuronal cell death. Thrombin, a coagulation protease released from blood clots, is critical in brain edema formation following ICH. Protease activated receptor‑1 (PAR‑1), matrix metalloproteinase‑9(More)
A series of chloro-pyridazine piperazines were developed based on the structure of human rhinovirus (HRV) capsid-binding inhibitors with proven activity using a pharmacophore model. A preliminary evaluation demonstrated potent activity against HRV-3 with low cytotoxicity. A docking analysis indicated that 8a could fit into, and form tight interactions(More)
In this paper, some solution relationships between nonsmooth vector optimization problems and generalized vector variational-like inequalities are established under pseudoinvexity or invariant pseudomonotonicity. A perturbed generalized weak Stampacchia vector variational-like inequality problem and its relation with generalized weak Minty vector(More)
A 72-year-old male with a history of prostate cancer and high prostate specific antigen levels underwent 99m technetium-methylene diphosphonate (99m Tc-MDP) single-photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT), to identify bone metastasis. The patient possessed no previous history of serious illnesses or surgical procedures and no(More)
A texture-based method for fingerprint verification is proposed based on weighted Zernike moments. Zernike moment features are calculated from the region of interest (ROI) which consists of several concentric discs, called multi-discs. Zernike moments of multi-disc ROI are weighted according to the regions of discs. In order to reduce the computational(More)