Dap Hartmann

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The worldwide demand for green energy systems is evident. In this context, wind energy converters will play a paramount role. Extending the service life of a wind energy converter translates into significant economic savings as well as ecological earnings. New opportunities for the management and operation of the wind energy converters make it beneficial to(More)
The objective of this study was to determine whether cervicitis in dairy cows is an independent disease or occurs concomitantly with inflammation of the uterus, and to clarify possible effects of cervicitis on reproductive performance. Dairy cows (n = 416) from 33 dairy farms were examined by rectal palpation and vaginoscopy between 42 and 50 days(More)
We present a design for the wiki-based classification of concepts within scientific and technical disclosures. Each classification code is a graphic representation of an individual entity together with related entities: the degree of similarity being apparent from what is effectively a one-dimensional ontology. A library of hyper linked graphic(More)
As the etiopathology of retained placenta is still not resolved in cattle, we compared the effects of protracted induction of parturition (PIP) and conventional induction of parturition (SIP) on placental maturation and the occurrence of retained placenta. PIP was induced in 13 cows by administration of 1.3 mg dexamethasone im twice daily between Days 268(More)
The objectives of the present study were to compare the effects of a protracted and a conventional induction of parturition on the incidence of retained placenta, and to evaluate the suitability of transrectal Doppler sonography of the uterine arteries as a noninvasive method for the assessment of placental maturation. Protracted induction of labor (PIP)(More)
Wind energy, with an annual growth of about 30%, represents one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources. Continuous long-term monitoring of wind turbines can greatly reduce maintenance and repair costs, ensure structural safety, extend operational life, and, ultimately, improve the profitability of wind turbines. A decentralized wind turbine(More)