Daoyun Xu

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With the use of World Wide Web internet engines like Google will be the tools which in turn allow you in order to understand along with speedily look for solutions. Even so the present engines like Google will not think about user's actual needs. Criteria associated with page position are usually keys associated with search engine optimization. Most(More)
Web search engines have become one of the absolutely necessary tools for us in the use of the Internet. They are receiving keen appreciation from the broad masses of network users because of the ability of quick search and the navigation service. However, the current used search engines do not take the actual situation and actual need of users into account,(More)
This paper discusses the synchronization and anti-synchronization of new uncertain hyperchaotic systems. Based on the idea of active control, a novel active pinning control strategy is presented, which only needs a state of uncertain new hyperchaotic systems. The proposed controller can achieve synchronization and anti-synchronization between a response(More)