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FOCAC : trade, investments and aid in China-Africa relations
CCS Policy Briefings are drawn from the published reports and other material produced by the Centre. They aim to highlight specific recommendations and outcomes from the larger reports and presentExpand
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South-South migration and Sino-African small traders : a comparative study of Chinese in Senegal and Africans in China
China is today also becoming an important economic migration  destination. Immigrants in China are from different continents and have settled for various reasons: study, work, business or trade.Expand
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Chinese Telecom Companies Foray Into Africa
China‟s Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) to Africa has been driven by its quest for natural resources not only to secure resources for itself but also ensure its modernisation andExpand
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Pharmacovigilance chez les chirurgiens-dentistes : enquête dans la région de Dakar, Sénégal
Objectif : L’Organisation mondiale de la sante avait mis en place depuis 1968, un systeme international de pharmacovigilance dont le role est d’observer les effets des medicaments dans de nombreuxExpand
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African Traders in Yiwu: Their Trade Networks and Their Role in the Distribution of 'Made in China' Products in Africa
Introduction African transnational trade networks have expanded around the world, with Africa, Europe and the United States serving as the traditional immigration destinations for many Africans. FromExpand
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South Africa‟s Special Economic Zones – Inspiration from China?
Special Economic Zones (SEZ) have become investment- and industrial hubs for developing countries seeking economic growth and development since China successfully established its first economic zonesExpand
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Mothers’ oral health literacy and children’s oral health status in Pikine, Senegal: A pilot study
Context and objective As elsewhere, disadvantaged children in Senegal are those most affected by dental diseases and difficulties in obtaining dental care. Studies conducted mainly in developedExpand
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African Traders in Yiwu: Expanding Transnational Trade Networks and Navigating China’s Complex Multicultural Environment
China sends and receives big numbers of migrants. As China has become a major destination of global and African migrants in recent years, the country’s immigration policies and related practicesExpand
Chinese economic reforms, the next round – impacts on Sino-African economiccooperation?
During the last three decades, China has experienced a remarkable economic growth not yet achieved by any other country in the world. This boom has been centred on export-driven economy based on theExpand