Daoud Daoud

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—Software Engineering (SE) practices deals with business requirements that continue to operate in dynamically changing and turbulent environments. SE practitioners must confront the business need for persistent innovation and build appropriate future workforce culture. Agile software development approaches view change from a perspective that reflects(More)
We are describing methods for compiling domain-dedicated multilingual terminological data from various resources. We focus on collecting data from online community users as a main source, therefore, our approach depends on acquiring contributions from volunteers (explicit approach), and it depends on analyzing users' behaviors to extract interesting(More)
This paper presents a method to discover possible terminological relationships from tweets. We match the histories of terms (frequency patterns). Similar history indicates a possible relationship between terms. For example, if two terms (t1, t2) appeared frequently in Twitter at particular days, and there is a 'similarity' in the frequencies over a period(More)
Multilingualizing systems handling content is an important but difficult problem. As a manifestation of this difficulty, very few multilingual services are available today. The process of multilingualization depends on the translational situation: types and level of possible accesses, available resources, and linguistic competences of participants involved(More)
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