Daoud Aït-Kadi

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The redundancy allocation problem (RAP) is a well known NP-hard problem which involves the selection of elements and redundancy levels to maximize system reliability given various system-level constraints. As telecommunications and internet protocol networks, manufacturing and power systems are becoming more and more complex, while requiring short(More)
This article deals with problems related to the integration of reverse logistics activities within an organization and to the coordination of this new system. Reverse logistics activities refer to the recovery and processing of unused products and to the redistribution of reusable materials. For better control and management of these activities, new(More)
This paper addresses a multi-period, multi-product sawmill production planning problem where the yields of processes are random variables due to non-homogeneous quality of raw materials (logs). In order to determine the production plans with robust customer service level, robust optimization approach is applied. Two robust optimization models with different(More)
The concept of accelerated testing by tracking degradation of samples over test time needs to be developed for reliability estimation. This paper aims at proposing practical approaches to conduct accelerated degradation testing on new and available used samples. For this purpose, product failure is related to a suitable physical property. Then, its failure(More)
In this paper, we develop a model for evaluating the availability, the production rate and the reliability function of multi-state degraded systems subjected to minimal repairs and imperfect preventive maintenance. The status of the system is considered to degrade with use. These degradations may lead to decrease in the system efficiency. It is assumed that(More)
This paper deals with preventive maintenance optimization problem for multi-state systems (MSS). This problem was initially addressed and solved by Levitin and Lisnianski [Optimization of imperfect preventive maintenance for multi-state systems. Reliab Eng Syst Saf 2000;67:193–203]. It consists on finding an optimal sequence of maintenance actions which(More)