Daoping Huang

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This paper presents a practical direct adaptive fuzzy H tracking control (AFHC) approach for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems with unknown control gain functions and external disturbances. A modified output tracking error is defined to eliminate high gain at the control input and to improve transient performance. An ideal control law is developed to(More)
This paper focuses on regression applications of the Support Vector Machine (SVM) in the process industry. The support vector regression machines are employed to build soft sensing models in the paper. Soft sensor modeling, in a sense, is a kind of regression problems in industrial processes. First we review the development history of the Vapnik(More)
Aiming at the target missing and the target confusion in the multi-target tracking when the targets approach or cross each other in wireless sensor networks, a rough and precision association mixing FCM algorithm is proposed. The key idea is to implement the multi-target precise tracking by decomposing multi-sensor data association problem to single sensor(More)
Least squares support vector machine (LSSVM) has been used in soft sensor modeling in recent years. In developing a successful model based on LSSVM, the first important step is feature extraction. Principal components analysis (PCA) is a usual method for linear feature extraction and kernel PCA (KPCA) is a nonlinear PCA developed by using the kernel method.(More)
The grid-based distributed control system (GDCS) can be a solution to build a system which constructed adaptively to different control demands. Firstly, the paper illustrates how to establish a GDCS through three steps which includes confirmation of the control framework, division of the control task into several parts, and depiction of the resources needed(More)
Kernel-based Fisher discriminant analysis (KFDA) has been widely applied in pattern recognition and classification such as face recognition. It is proved which is a powerful method for nonlinear discriminant. In this paper, it is used for fault diagnosis. It has two aspects in this work. First, the wavelet de-noising preprocessing with KFDA scheme is(More)