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Multiple-point geostatistics has been proved to be a powerful tool to capture curvilinear structures or complex features in training images. The three-dimensional reconstruction of porous media is of great significance to the research of mechanisms of fluid flow in porous media. A method using a cross-section image and multiple-point geostatistics to(More)
The statistical information reconstruction of images will be difficult and inaccurate when no conditional data or only hard data are available. Accuracy of reconstructed images can be improved, using soft data during the process of reconstruction. Integrating soft data with hard data, a method based on multiple-point geostatistics is proposed to reconstruct(More)
Well log analysis is one of the costliest parts of petroleum fields. It has been realized that developing synthetic well logs can help analyze the reservoir properties in areas where some necessary logs are absent or incomplete, and then reduce costs of companies. During generating synthetic logs, logging time should be used sufficiently for predicting(More)
A novel algorithm for querying similar time series was proposed to satisfy the requirement of fitting and indexing time series. The approach first fits time series using two parameters of midline distance and turning points, which is benefit for fast retrieval of similar sequences. After finding similar segmented subsequence by segmented dynamic time(More)
Several methods have been investigated on how to generate PEBI (Perpendicular Bisection) grid such as static property based method, flow based method and the combination of them. However, these methods are not suitable for NWT. In this paper, an adaptive gridding method is proposed for NWT based on the locations of the wells. First we divide the reservoir(More)
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