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Projective synchronization (PS), in which the state vectors synchronize up to a scaling factor, is usually observable only in partially linear systems. We show that PS could, by means of control, be extended to general classes of chaotic systems with nonpartial linearity. Performance of PS may also be manipulated by controlling the scaling factor to any(More)
This report presents a technique of chaotification based on the optimal time-delay feedback that can make a system chaotic with large chaotic parameters range. The bifurcation analysis is done to determine the stability of the time-delay system. An implicit performance index and an optimization strategy are proposed for the time-delay control scheme that(More)
A system identification methodology based on Chebyshev spectral operators and an orthogonal system reduction algorithm is proposed, leading to a new approach for data-driven modeling of nonlinear spatiotemporal systems on nonperiodic domains. A continuous model structure is devised allowing for terms of arbitrary derivative order and nonlinearity degree.(More)
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