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—Quay crane allocation is one of the most important scheduling plans in the container terminal. A large of production data is stored in the database of the terminal. This paper utilizes the method of data mining to analyze the problem of quay crane allocation by using these data. From the mining, valuable information has been gotten from the database. The(More)
The dynamic tugboat scheduling problem is a special kind of Job Scheduling Problem. Here we propose an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm in which an entropy function and an elite set is used for better performance. When the entropy of the swarm keeps under some value in a certain period, some of the particles will be replaced randomly by(More)
The paper focuses on determining the storage position of the reshuffled container during dynamic retrieving outbound container for loading ship. The study concentrates on a yard bay with several tiers in every stack. For minimizing the uncertainty influence of relocation on the loading ship system and ensuring the fluency of loading operations, we suggest(More)
According to visualize logistic information and operation process of terminal, virtual reality system satisfied the requirements of intuition and visualization for studying container terminal schedule optimization. Applied component technology on fast container terminal VR system development, it is a novel idea to reduce the cost and time. With the(More)
The operation efficiency of bulk terminal yard depends on several factors, among which the geometry parameter of stockpile is the most crucial one. Because of the random change of stockpile shape caused by the mechanical operation, it is difficult to implement the real-time operation scheduling by offline calculating. In this study, the bulk stockpile(More)