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If there is no reactive power exchange between a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) and a grid, the various characteristics of the power converters in a DFIG wind turbine system cause the lifetime expectancy of a rotor-side converter (RSC) to be significantly less than that of a grid-side converter (GSC). In order to fulfill modern grid codes,(More)
Knowing the synergistic activities of multiple transcription factors (TFs) is important for revealing the underlying mechanisms of transcription regulation in eukaryotic organisms. Based on the microarray data and ChIP-chip data, we identified the synergistic TF pairs and triplets involved in the yeast cell cycle. The results indicate that: (1) about one(More)
More and more wind turbine manufacturers turn to using the full-scale power electronic converter due to the stricter grid code requirements to thoroughly decouple the generator from the grid connection. However, a commonly used type of this generator is still unclear, where the selections of the low-speed (LS; direct-drive) and medium-speed (MS; one-stage)(More)
We present Dexmo: an inexpensive and lightweight mechanical exoskeleton system for motion capturing and force feedback in virtual reality applications. Dexmo combines multiple types of sensors, actuation units and link rod structures to provide users with a pleasant virtual reality experience. The device tracks the user's motion and uniquely provides(More)
Two types of distinct cardiac progenitor cell populations can be identified during early heart development: the first heart field (FHF) and second heart field (SHF) lineage that later form the mature heart. They can be characterized by differential expression of transcription and signaling factors. These regulatory factors influence each other forming a(More)
The influence of actively controlled reactive power on the thermal behavior of a multimegawatt wind power converter with a doubly fed induction generator is investigated. First, the allowable range of internal reactive power circulation is mapped depending on the dc-link voltage and the induction generator and power device capacity. Then, the effects of(More)
In this paper, two promising multi-megawatt wind turbines equipped with a doubly-fed induction generator-based partial-scale and a permanent magnet synchronous generator-based full-scale two-level power converter are designed and compared. Simulations of the two configurations with respect to loss distribution and junction temperature variation for the(More)
We successfully prepared the biodegradable cellulose/chitin beads by coagulating a blend of cellulose and chitin in 6 wt% NaOH/5 wt% thiourea aqueous solution with 5% H2SO4 as coagulant, and investigated the adsorption of heavy metals (Pb2+, Cd2+, Cu2+) from an aqueous solution on the beads by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Batch adsorption(More)
Environment-friendly cellulose/chitin beads being prepared by coagulating a blend of cellulose and chitin in 6 wt% NaOH/5 wt% thiourea aqueous solution with 5% H2SO4 possessed higher heavy metals uptake capacity than pure chitin flakes. The mechanisms of Pb2+ adsorption on cellulose/chitin beads at pH0=5 were investigated at the molecular levels by scanning(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the effects of supplementation with dietary green tea polyphenols (GTPs) on parasite resistance and acute phase protein (APP) response to Haemonchus contortus infection in lambs. Thirty male Ujumqin lambs were randomly assigned to five treatment groups for an 8-week feeding period. Treatments included: (1)(More)