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Optimization of Controlled Free-Time Sweeping Processes With Applications to Marine Surface Vehicle Modeling
A constructive finite-difference approximation procedure is developed that allows for necessary optimality conditions for discrete optimal solutions to be established and then applied to solving a controlled marine surface vehicle model. Expand
Crowd Motion Paradigm Modeled by a Bilevel Sweeping Control Problem
An optimal crowd motion control problem in which the crowd features a structure given by its organization into groups each one spatially confined in a set is concerned, cast as a bilevel optimization framework. Expand
Discrete Approximations and Optimal Control of Nonsmooth Perturbed Sweeping Processes
The main goal of this paper is developing the method of discrete approximations to derive necessary optimality conditions for a class of constrained sweeping processes with nonsmooth perturbations, and employing advanced tools of second-order variational analysis to establish novel results for original nonsm Smooth sweeping control problems that include extended Euler-Lagrange and maximization conditions for local minimizers. Expand
Applications of Controlled Sweeping Processes to Nonlinear Crowd Motion Models With Obstacles
This letter mainly focuses on solving the dynamic optimization of the planar controlled crowd motion models with obstacles which is an application of a class of optimal control problems governed by aExpand
Optimization and Discrete Approximation of Sweeping Processes with Controlled Moving Sets and Perturbations
This paper addresses a new class of optimal control problems for perturbed sweeping processes with measurable controls in additive perturbations of the dynamics and smooth controls in polyhedralExpand
Optimization of fully controlled sweeping processes
Abstract The paper is devoted to deriving necessary optimality conditions in a general optimal control problem for dynamical systems governed by controlled sweeping processes with hard-constrainedExpand