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Using an automated PCR-based genomics approach, TOtal Gene expression Analysis (TOGA), we have examined gene expression profiles of mouse striatum and frontal cortex in response to clozapine and haloperidol drug treatment. Of 17 315 mRNAs observed, TOGA identified several groups of related molecules that were regulated by drug treatment. The expression of(More)
Extracellular matrix components play an active role in cancer progression and prognosis. Versican, a large extracellular matrix proteoglycan, can promote cancer metastasis through facilitating cell proliferation, adhesion, migration and angiogenesis. We had previously demonstrated that amiodarone caused ectopic overexpression of similar to versican b(More)
Although Amiodarone, a class III antiarrhythmic drug, inhibits zebrafish cardiac valve formation, the detailed molecular pathway is still unclear. Here, we proved that Amiodarone acts as an upstream regulator, stimulating similar to versican b (s-vcanb) overexpression at zebrafish embryonic heart and promoting cdh-5 overexpression by inhibiting snail1b at(More)
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