Dao Huu Hung

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In this paper, we present a video-based method of detecting fall incidents of the elderly living alone. We propose using the measures of humans’ heights and occupied areas to distinguish three typical states of humans: standing, sitting, and lying. Two relatively orthogonal views are utilized, in turn, simplifying the estimation of occupied areas as the(More)
People always make a little contact with the ground during usual activities mainly by feet but often lie completely on the ground after accidental falls. Thus, we propose using Human-Ground Contact Areas (HGCA) to classify human states into standing, sitting and lying states. A fall is defined by a fast change of human states from standing or sitting to(More)
In this paper, a fast and automated method of counting pedestrians in crowded areas is proposed along with three contributions. We firstly propose Local Empirical Templates (LET), which are able to outline the foregrounds, typically made by single pedestrians in a scene. LET are extracted by clustering foregrounds of single pedestrians with similar features(More)
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