Dao-Hong Zhu

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Wolbachia are maternally inherited endosymbiotic bacteria of arthropods and nematodes. In arthropods, they manipulate the reproduction of their hosts to facilitate their own spread in host populations, causing cytoplasmic incompatibility, parthenogenesis induction, feminization of genetic males and male-killing. In this study, we investigated Wolbachia(More)
Because a trade-off between reproduction and dispersal has been commonly found in wing-dimorphic insects, males of different wing morphs may have a different demand on a mate or a territory. We hypothesized that males of wing-dimorphic insects may vary in fighting success over these two resources. To test this hypothesis, we compared morphological traits(More)
Flight dimorphism has been considered to result from a balance of costs and benefits between flight capability and reproduction. The validity of the hypothesis, however, has been challenged recently. In this study, we examined the effect of flight time on trade-off between flight capability and reproductive development in Velarifictorus aspersus and we(More)
A trade-off between flight capability and reproduction is well known in adult females of the wing-dimorphic cricket Velarifictorus ornatus, but it is not clear whether such a trade-off exists in adult males of the species. In the present study, we investigated sexual maturation time, mating frequency, and the fertilization success of spermatophores after(More)
The effects of environmental factors and appendage injury on the wing variation in Velarifictorus ornatus (Shiraki) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) were investigated. The percentage of micropters was more than 95% when the nymphs were reared at constant photoperiods, and changing photoperiod did not affect wing variation in V. ornatus at 25 or 30°C. In the crowding(More)
To understand the adaptive strategies of the overwintering adults of Stenocatantops splendens, the mechanism of maintenance and termination of the reproductive diapause, the variation in mortality between overwintering females and males, and the mating strategy of the males were investigated. The results indicated that the adult reproductive diapause in(More)
A new gall wasp species, Dryocosmus zhuili Liu et Zhu, is herein described from the southeastern Fujian province of China. The new species induces galls on trees of Henry's chestnut, Castanea henryi, which is also a native host for the notorious Oriental chestnut gall wasp (OCGW, Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu). D. zhuili overlaps with OCGW in emergence(More)
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