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An environmental survey on pesticide residues and polychlorobyphenyl compounds (PCBs), encompassing more than 70 polar and non-polar compounds quantifiable by the techniques used, was performed in the Mekong River delta based on analyses of water, sediment and bivalve mollusc samples. Few polar compounds, such as diazinon and fenotrothion, were detected in(More)
Concentrations of radioactive radon gas ((222)Rn) were measured using passive monitors based on LR115 solid state track detectors during June-July 2010 in indoor air of dwellings in the Nui Beo coal mining area, mostly in Cam Pha and Ha Long coastal towns, Quang Ninh province, in the North of Vietnam. Global results of (222)Rn concentrations indoors varied(More)
Polychlorinated biphenyl compounds (PCBs) were analyzed in sediments and clams' soft tissues from sampling sites in the Mekong River delta from the border with Cambodia to the coast of South China Sea. Concentrations of 13 individual PCB congeners are reported. Median concentration of SigmaPCB congeners was 0.279 ng g(-1) dry weight (range 0.106-2.016 ng(More)
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