Danyang Wang

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The current study aimed to examine the short-term choroidal response to optical defocus in schoolchildren. Myopic schoolchildren aged 8-16 were randomly allocated to control group (CG), myopic defocus group (MDG) and hyperopic defocus group (HDG) (n = 17 per group). Children in MDG and HDG received additional +3D and -3D lenses, respectively, to their full(More)
The objectives of this study are to establish the in vitro culture system for rat primary ameloblast and to investigate the effects of fluoride on cell viability, apoptosis, and ameloblastin (AMBN) secretion of primary rat ameloblast in vitro. Ameloblast was isolated from the tooth germ of the maxillomandibular molar and cultured in vitro. Cells were(More)
In this project, we designed multiple fea-turelizers to extract information and answer multiple choice reading comprehension questions. Given a triple of passage question and answer, the featurelizer will generate a set of features which are designed using robust NLP tools. We then feed generated features into a neural network classifier which gives a(More)
—In this paper, a new cognitive radio (CR) scenario called Multiple Primary Transmit Power (MPTP) is investigated where the primary user (PU) could possibly work on more than one discrete transmit power levels. Different from most existing literatures where PU is assumed to operate with a constant transmit power only, this new consideration well matches the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical treatment effects of orthokeratology to slow the progression of myopia. METHODS Several well-designed controlled studies have investigated the effects of orthokeratology in school-aged children. We conducted this meta-analysis to better evaluate the existing evidence. Relevant studies were identified in the Medline and(More)