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OBJECTIVES To conduct a trial of neoadjuvant chemohormonal therapy and radical prostatectomy for patients with poor-prognosis localized prostate cancer (prostate-specific antigen [PSA] value 20 ng/mL or greater, Gleason score 8 or higher, and clinical stage T2c or greater), who are at high risk for local and systemic relapse. METHODS Complete androgen(More)
Many studies have implicated low education as a risk factor for cognitive impairment in elderly people. Findings are, however, inconsistent and the mechanism by which education level may intervene in senescent cognitive change is uncertain. The present study examines cognitive change over a 1-year period in 283 elderly persons manifesting recent subclinical(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence relating to the potentially protective effect of smoking and alcohol consumption in relation to senescent cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease is inconclusive. METHODS The relationship between wine and tobacco consumption and cognitive change was assessed within a longitudinal study of normal elderly people showing recent(More)
In the face of an observed increase in asthma mortality since the end of the 70's an analysis of the time series of the deaths for the period 1979-89 was conducted; which shows a peaking of mortality between 1985 and 1987. A different seasonal component of asthma mortality has been identified for the age group 5-34 and over 34 group. For the later,(More)
BACKGROUND Research into ageing-related pathology relies not only on exploration of disease aetiology, but also a clear understanding of the normal ageing process. The present study aims to examine the characteristics of elderly subjects who lie on the borderline between normal and pathological ageing. METHOD Cognitive functioning is examined using(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive impairment without dementia is commonly observed in ageing populations. The present study aims to describe types of impairment and evolution over a one-year period. METHOD Three hundred and ninety-seven normal French elderly persons demonstrating recent, observable change in cognitive performance were examined annually using a(More)
Increases in the prevalence of disability due to the ageing of the population have given rise to the need for simple indicators which may be used to estimate service needs and to assess whether resources have been fairly distributed. The present study involved the validation of an indicator based on confinement level by reference to epidemiological studies(More)
The desertification process including natural resources degradation is a major obstacle to development in tropical and Mediterranean zones with strong drought constraints, leading to a wide range of possibly irreversible catastrophes: famine, land neglecting and migration. This process comes from a combination of different modes of resource management from(More)