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  • Springer Berlin, Heidelberg Newyork, Hong Kong, London Milan, Paris Tokyo, Iris Hong Chen +14 others
  • 2003
Preface Most existing control methods, whether conventional or advanced, robust or intelligent, linear or nonlinear, target at achieving the asymptotic convergence property in tracking a given trajectory. On the other hand, most practical control tasks, whether in process control or mechatronics, MEMS or space oriented, civil or military oriented, will have(More)
—This paper comprehensively analyzes the relationship between space-vector modulation and three-phase carrier-based pulsewidth modualtion (PWM). The relationships involved, such as the relationship between modulation signals (including zero-sequence component and fundamental components) and space vectors, the relationship between the modulation signals and(More)
—In this paper, a digital repetitive control (RC) strategy is proposed to achieve zero tracking error for constant voltage constant-frequency (CVCF) pulse width modulation (PWM) converters. The proposed control scheme is of " plug-in " structure: a plug-in digital repetitive controller plus a conventional controller (e.g., PD controller). The design of the(More)
Fuzzy logic systems are promising for efficient obstacle avoidance. However, it is difficult to maintain the correctness, consistency, and completeness of a fuzzy rule base constructed and tuned by a human expert. A reinforcement learning method is capable of learning the fuzzy rules automatically. However, it incurs a heavy learning phase and may result in(More)