Danuta Sujkowska

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IFN-beta, an effective therapy against relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, is naturally secreted during the innate immune response against viral pathogens. The objective of this study was to characterize the immunomodulatory mechanisms of IFN-beta targeting innate immune response and their effects on dendritic cell (DC)-mediated regulation of T cell(More)
The current study was done to assess if heterogeneity existed in the degree of adipogenesis in stromal cells (preadipocytes) from multiple donors. In addition to conventional lipid-based methods, we have employed a novel signal amplification technology, known as branched DNA, to monitor expression of an adipocyte specific gene product aP2. The fatty acid(More)
TCR degeneracy may facilitate self-reactive T cell activation and the initiation of an autoimmune response in multiple sclerosis (MS). MHC class II alleles of the DR2 haplotype DR2a (DRB5*0101) and DR2b (DRB1*1501) are associated with an increased risk for MS in Caucasian populations. In order to selectively expand and characterize T cells with a high(More)
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