Danuta Dojczew

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The peptidase and amylase inhibitors were isolated from rye and preliminarily purified to investigate some of their properties. It was shown, that both are of albumin character despite the acetic acid solubility of the former. They are not active against the native cereal grain peptidases or amylases (rye, wheat, triticale) but the latter inhibited the(More)
Investigations were conducted on the level of the overall proteolytic activity in flour fractions as well as fine and bruise bran, obtained from four varieties of wheat (‘Zyta’, ‘Pegassus’, ‘Sukces’, ‘Tonacja’), subjected to pre-harvest sprouting. Moreover, an analysis was conducted on the effect of pre-harvest sprouting on the functional properties of(More)
Effect of transglutaminase (ACTIVA WM commercial preperate, 0.3%) and sodium chloride (1.5 and 2.5%) addition on properties of chicken thigh batters was studied. Transglutaminase slightly decreased cooking loss of incurred batters. Cooking loss was affected mainly by NaCl (both at the level 2.5 and 1.5%). Sodium chloride brought about also increase of(More)
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