Danuta Balicki

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Side populations (SP), as defined by Hoechst exclusion in flow cytometry, have been described a few years ago. While they represent only a small fraction of the whole cell population, their properties confer an important place in several investigations. SP cells express high levels of various members of ABC transporters family, such as MDR1 and BCRP, which(More)
Stem cells have now been described in a variety of tissues, even in those where the cells' turn over rate is slow, such as the brain and the resting mammary gland. There is also accumulating evidence that tumors are derived from and are maintained by a rare population of dysregulated stem cells. However, discrepancies in the markers used and reported have(More)
One hundred nineteen patients with Gaucher disease were examined in the past 13 years. Of these 45 were examined 3 or more times over a time-span exceeding one year and all such patients are included in this study. Adult patients showed little progression of disease. There were few alterations in the blood counts, no increase in size of liver and spleen,(More)
Histone H2A has been found to be efficient in DNA delivery into a number of cell lines. We have reasoned that this DNA-delivery activity is mediated by two mechanisms: (i) electrostatically driven DNA binding and condensation by histone and (ii) nuclear import of these histone H2A.DNA polyplexes via nuclear localization signals in the protein. We have(More)
Epithelioid angiosarcoma of the bone represents a challenging diagnosis by bone marrow biopsy. We present a case of a multicentric high grade angiosarcoma of the bone with epithelioid features. On the basis of the clinical presentation, the radiological findings, and the appearance of loosely clustered tumor cells detected in the initial bone marrow biopsy,(More)
Over the past few years, the histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors have occupied an important place in the effort to develop novel, but less toxic, anticancer therapy. HDAC inhibitors block HDACs, which are the enzymes responsible for histone deacetylation, and therefore they modulate gene expression. The cellular effects of HDAC inhibitors include growth(More)
BACKGROUND Gene transfer is a potential treatment modality of genetic disease. Efficient, practical methods of DNA transfection are currently under investigation. MATERIALS AND METHODS A beta-galactosidase reporter plasmid interacted electrostatically with histones, poly-L-Lys, poly-L-Arg, and a combination of poly-L-Lys and poly-L-Arg. This complex was(More)
A major goal of cancer immunotherapy is the induction of a cell-mediated antitumor response in poorly immunogenic malignancies. We tested the hypothesis that this can be achieved by cytokine gene therapy with a novel histone H2A-based transient transfection procedure. This was tested by using cytokine genes encoding for IL-2 and a single chain IL-12(More)
We describe four families with patients with type I Gaucher disease exhibiting previously undescribed mutations of the glucocerebrosidase gene. We found Cherokee Indian woman to have a G-->C substitution in cDNA nucleotide 354, predicting a lysine-->aspargine substitution in amino acid 79 of the processed protein. In a Greek family, we found an allele with(More)