Danucha Prasertsom

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This paper presents a canonical current-mode biquad filter with three inputs and one output. The presented filter employs a single current follower transconductance amplifier (CFTA) and a minimum of passive components, i.e., one resistor and two grounded capacitors. It is capable of generating all the five standard biquadratic filtering functions and(More)
This paper presents the concept of the current follower transconductance amplifier (CFTA) with current gain controllable. The newly modified element is a combination of the current follower, the variable gain current mirror, and the balance output transconductance amplifier. The advantage of the proposed element is that the current transfer characteristics(More)
In this paper, a design of a low-voltage digitally controlled current differencing buffered amplifier (DC-CDBA) is introduced. The realization scheme is through the cascade connection of a current differencing circuit, a current division network (CDN) and a buffered voltage amplifier. To achieve the digital control of the current gain of the circuit, a(More)
This paper describes a sinusoidal quadrature oscillator circuit using current differencing buffered amplifiers (CDBAs), that features a single-resistance-controlled frequency and current amplitude control. The proposed circuit contains two CDBAs, three resistors, and two grounded capacitors. The oscillation condition (OC) and the oscillation frequency(More)
An electronically tunable quadrature oscillator using only two current-controlled current differencing buffered amplifiers (CCCDBAs) and two ground capacitors without external passive resistor is proposed. The outputs of two sinusoidal waveforms with 90 phase difference are available from the configuration. The oscillation condition and the oscillation(More)
A realization of the CMOS digitally controlled current follower (DC-CF) suitable for low-voltage high-frequency application is proposed. To achieve very low input resistance, it is realized using a modification of a low-input resistance stage as an input stage. To achieve the precise digital control of the current gain, the current division technique is(More)
In this paper, a the digitally programmable current amplifier (DP-CA) for NMOS integrated circuit implementation is presented. To provide precise digital control of the gain characteristic, the proposed DP-CA comprises current proportional gain blocks that can be digitally controlled. The proposed DP-CA can be operated from a low power supply of(More)
A simple circuit configuration of the temperature-insensitive current-mode square-rooting circuit using current differencing transconductance amplifiers (CDTAs) as active components is described. It has been designed by using only two CDTAs without the use of external passive elements. The current gain of the proposed circuit can be adjusted electronically(More)
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