Danton Danielson

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The current clinical management of surgical patients with sepsis is governed by two principles: control of the source of infection and supportive management of the patient until recovery. Recently, there has been renewed interest in the concept of source control-in particular, its importance for evaluating and comparing clinical trials. This brief review(More)
Seventy-two crossbred pigs (average initial weight 6 kg) were used to study the effect of L. acidopbilus (lactic acid-producing bacteria common in probiotics) in starter diets on gain, feed conversion, fecal lactobacillus and coli-form counts, hematology and serum proteins. The nonmedicated experimental diets were corn-soybean meal (18% crude protein) diets(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish a reliable and concise measure of career satisfaction that covers all 4 of its dimensions and to document higher dimensions of satisfaction among the major medical specialties and across varying patterns of clinical practice. METHODS In 2004, we conducted a stratified, cross-sectional survey of physicians in Canada. Of the eligible(More)
An experiment was conducted to determine the influence of feeding ground raw soybeans to swine during gestation on reproductive performance for three consecutive parities. Sixty crossbred gilts were bred and randomly assigned to two dietary treatments with 30 gilts/treatment. The diets were formulated to contain 14% crude protein with either soybean meal(More)
A study was conducted with gravid gilts to determine the bioavailability of Ca in sun-cured alfalfa meal (AM) and the effect of dietary Ca concentration on bone and blood characteristics during two phases of gestation. Two Ca sources (AM and CaCO3), three dietary concentrations of Ca (50, 75, and 100% of the NRC requirement), and two gestation phases (55(More)