Dante J. Scala

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Two PCR primer sets for the nitrous oxide reductase gene (nosZ) were developed. The initial primers were based on three sequences in GenBank and used to amplify nosZ from continental shelf sediments and from two denitrifiers in culture, Thiosphaera pantotropha and Pseudomonas denitrificans. Three unique marine sediment nosZ genes were identified and(More)
Although it is widely believed that horizontal patchiness exists in microbial sediment communities, determining the extent of variability or the particular members of the bacterial community which account for the observed differences among sites at various scales has not been routinely demonstrated. In this study, horizontal heterogeneity was examined in(More)
Diversity of the nitrous oxide reductase (nosZ) gene was examined in sediments obtained from the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean continental shelves. Approximately 1,100 bp of the nosZ gene were amplified via PCR, using nosZ gene-specific primers. Thirty-seven unique copies of the nosZ gene from these marine environments were characterized, increasing the(More)
The term "globalization" conjures up a variety of scenarios the expanding scope of markets; the increasing scale and reach of multinational corporations; global financial flows but all of them share acommon trait: the absence of the state as a significant force in controlling this great economic development. One explanation of the apparent powerlessness of(More)
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