Dante J. Pacella

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Information Centric Networking (ICN) defines a new paradigm for networking focused on retrieval of content regardless of source endpoints, allowing the network to determine from where content objects should be retrieved. This mechanism relies on all content being consistent regardless of geographical location and mobility. In a future with pervasive(More)
ICN defines a new paradigm for networking recognizing the fact that modern communication is primarily focused around retrieving objects via the network. ICN allows an end host to ask the network for a named object and receive it from any source while being able to trust the content authenticity regardless of the source. This is a very powerful feature and(More)
This paper considers a failure model including both incipient and abrupt faults, and addresses the problem of identifying and accommodating such faults. An identification strategy is proposed for the considered fault class, and a test is presented able to discriminate between the two types of failures. In order to prove the effectiveness of the estimation(More)
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