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High-Order Preserving Residual Distribution Schemes for Advection-Diffusion Scalar Problems on Arbitrary Grids
This paper deals with the construction of a class of high-order accurate residual distribution schemes for advection-diffusion problems using conformal meshes. Expand
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Linear and non-linear high order accurate residual distribution schemes for the discretization of the steady compressible Navier-Stokes equations
A robust and high order accurate Residual Distribution (RD) scheme for the discretization of the steady Navier-Stokes equations is presented. Expand
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High-order linear and non-linear residual distribution schemes for turbulent compressible flows
A high-order Residual Distribution scheme for the solution of the compressible RANS equations is developed. The one-equation Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model is solved in a fully coupled approach;Expand
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A non-linear residual distribution scheme for real-gas computations
Abstract This paper deals with a high-order accurate Residual Distribution scheme for the numerical solution of dense gas flows on unstructured grids. Dense gas-dynamics studies the flow of gases inExpand
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Development of a high-order residual distribution method for Navier-Stokes and RANS equations
The construction of compact high-order Residual Distribution schemes for the discretizationof steady multidimensional advection-diffusion problems on unstructuredgrids is presented. Linear andExpand
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Equivalence Conditions for Finite Volume/Element Discretizations in Cylindrical Coordinates
Abstract. A novel numerical technique for the solution of the compressible flow equations over unstructured grids in a cylindrical reference is presented. The proposed approach is based on a mixedExpand
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A family of position- and orientation-independent embedded boundary methods for viscous flow and fluid-structure interaction problems
The Finite Volume method with Exact two-material Riemann Problems (FIVER) is both a computational framework for multi-material flows characterized by large density jumps, and an Embedded Boundary Method (EBM) for computational fluid dynamics and highly nonlinear Fluid–Structure Interaction (FSI). Expand
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High order residual distribution scheme for Navier-Stokes equations.
In this work we describe the use of the Residual Distribution schemes for the discretization of the conservation laws. In particular, emphasis is put on the construction of a third order accurateExpand
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Equivalence conditions between linear Lagrangian finite element and node-centred finite volume schemes for conservation laws in cylindrical coordinates
SUMMARY A complete set of equivalence conditions, relating the mass-lumped Bubnov–Galerkin finite element (FE) scheme for Lagrangian linear elements to node-centred finite volume (FV) schemes, isExpand
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Numerical approximation of parabolic problems by residual distribution schemes
SUMMARY We are interested in the numerical approximation of steady scalar convection–diffusion problems by means of high order schemes called Residual Distribution schemes. In the inviscid case, oneExpand
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