Dante Antonelli

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A comparison of selected gait parameters and the energy cost of prosthetic walking was made in seventy patients with unilateral traumatic and vascular amputations. Amputations above the knee, below the knee, and at the Syme's level were compared in both groups of amputees, and a control group of forty normal subjects also studied. In both groups of amputees(More)
In order to assess prospectively the incidence and significance of venous thrombosis early after permanent transvenous pacemaker implantation venographic studies were carried out in 40 consecutive patients. The venograms performed between 1 and 6 months (mean 4 months) after the implantation were normal in 31 patients (77%), in six patients (15%) they(More)
The timing and relative intensity of electromyographic activity of hip abductor and extensor muscles were recorded during free and fast velocity walking and during ascent and descent of stairs. Eleven healthy subjects were tested using fine wire electrodes to record the electromyographic activity. Data were quantified by normalizing all electromyographic(More)
Shoulder injuries in tennis players are common because of the repetitive, high-magnitude forces generated around the shoulder during the various tennis strokes. An understanding of the complex sequences of muscle activity in this area may help reduce injury, enhance performance, and assist the rapid rehabilitation of the injured athlete. The supraspinatus,(More)
A study of bilateral shoulder muscle activity during the golf swing was undertaken using electromyography and high-speed photography. Understanding of the muscle firing patterns could lead to injury prevention and development of appropriate training and conditioning regimens. The swings of seven adult male right-handed professional golfers without shoulder(More)
Pelvic actinomycosis associated with the use of intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) can mimic pelvic malignancy. Recognizing this rare, but not uncommon complication of IUD use can spare a patient from an extensive surgical procedure. If recognized preoperatively, a simple regimen of antibiotics can be curative; however, if symptomatic, a limited(More)
Using an instrumented cadaver lower extremity, the forces in the quadriceps, patella, and tibia during flexed-knee stance were measured and the calculated and experimental data were found to correlate with an average discrepancy of 6 per cent. The quadriceps force required to stabilize the knee was 75 per cent of the load on the femoral head at 15 degrees(More)
The relative selectivity of surface electrodes placed over the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the standard manner was determined by comparing the electromyogram from these electrodes to the electromyogram from wire electrodes inserted into the soleus, gastrocnemius, and tibialis posterior muscles. Muscle activity was elicited in 11 normal subjects by(More)
In patients with iron overload associated with severe, transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia, congestive heart failure develops during the second decade of life. Biventricular heart function was studied by multigated radionuclide angiography in 22 patients with beta-thalassemia major. Six patients were symptomatic. Congestive heart failure developed in(More)