Danqing Xia

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To overcome the inconsecutive drawback of shadow and schlieren photography, the complete dynamics of cavitation bubble oscillation or ablation products induced by a single holmium laser pulse [2.12 microm, 300 micros (FWHM)] transmitted in different core diameter (200, 400, and 600 microm) fibers is recorded by means of high-speed photography. Consecutive(More)
It is demonstrated that an asymmetric Fabry-Pérot fiber-optic pressure sensor is capable to precisely measure liquid levels. They are directly proportional to pressures that can modulate cavity length of Fabry-Pérot cavity. As a result, the sensor can operate over a linear region of an interference fringe that enables liquid-levels interrogation by(More)
This paper presents the application of reflective gratings as polarizers for electron cyclotron heating system in magnetic confinement fusion fields. Two methods, the integral method and the coordinate transformation method, are introduced for the grating design. Codes based on the two methods are developed. Numerical results of the integral method and the(More)
Polarizers are widely used to change the polarization of millimeter waves on the electron cyclotron resonance heating and current drive (ECRH and CD) systems. A new method based on the coordinate transformation and the Fourier expansion (the so-called C-method) has been developed for design of polarizers on the HL-2A ECRH and CD systems. This method(More)
Four sets of magnetic diagnostic coils, which are printed on machinable ceramic printed circuit boards (PCB), are designed, fabricated, installed, and tested in the Joint Texas Experimental Tokamak (J-TEXT) vacuum vessel for detecting the plasma radial and vertical displacements relative to the geometric center of the vacuum vessel in Ohmic discharges. Each(More)
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