Danny Soetanto

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Negotiating agents play a key role in e-markets and become more popular. However, in much existing work, the e-markets are assumed to be closed and static, which is unrealistic. To address the issue, this paper developed negotiating agents that can adapt their negotiation strategies, outcome expectations, offer evaluations, and counter-offers generations in(More)
Collective Self-Organised (CSO) housing projects are an emerging trend in Europe. In these projects communities engage in co-design throughout the process. Little knowledge exists that can support CSOs with the process of managing their projects by using state-of-the-art building information (BI) technologies. The authors introduce a BI supported CSO(More)
Harmonic monitoring has become an important tool for harmonic management in distribution systems. A comprehensive harmonic monitoring program has been designed and implemented on a typical electrical MV distribution system in Australia. The monitoring program involved measurements of the three-phase harmonic currents and voltages from the residential,(More)
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