Danny Sims

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By our rules-of-thumb, we classified a use as agricultural if the name of the lessor, lessee, seller, or buyer was an irrigator, an irrigation district, an agricultural user, a farmer, a ranch, a canal company, a ditch company, or an individual. ... When a party was a water conservation or conservancy district, we designated the transfer as an agricultural,(More)
Gap junctions have been described ultrastructurally between neurons and epitheliomuscular cells and between neurons and their processes in the hypostome, peduncle and basal disc of Hydra. All gap junctions examined in Hydra exhibit two apposed plasma membranes having a 2-4 nm gap continuous with the extracellular space. The gap junctions are variable in(More)
The acute effects of interleukin 2 (IL-2) were determined in the rat cremaster microcirculation model by intravital, light, and electron microscopy to better understand the pathophysiology of the IL-2-induced vascular leak syndrome. Four groups of rats were studied over a 2-h monitoring period. One group received 1 x 10(6) units of IL-2/kg i.v. (n = 10),(More)
INTRODUCTION The National Science Foundation and other agencies of the U.S. government have asked the World Technology (WTEC) Division of the International Technology Research Institute to perform an assessment of status and trends in tissue-engineering research and applications around the world in comparison to that in the United States. The purpose of(More)
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