Danny Porath

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Attempts to resolve the energy-level structure of single DNA molecules by scanning tunnelling spectroscopy span over the past two decades, owing to the unique ability of this technique to probe the local density of states of objects deposited on a surface. Nevertheless, success was hindered by extreme technical difficulties in stable deposition and(More)
We describe a method for the preparation of novel long (hundreds of nanometers), uniform, inter-molecular G4-DNA molecules composed of four parallel G-strands. The only long continuous G4-DNA reported so far are intra-molecular structures made of a single G-strand. To enable a tetra-molecular assembly of the G-strands we developed a novel approach based on(More)
DNA has been at the center of an imaging effort since the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope (STM). In some of the STM imaging reports the molecules appeared with negative contrast, i.e., "submerged" under the metal background and darker. We demonstrate the phenomenon of contrast inversion in DNA STM imaging by controlled and spontaneous(More)
140nm s ~10nm (b) (a) AFM Tip ~4nm gold s s s s s s s Gold s s Schematic of the experiment (a) and a topography image of gold nanoparticles connected through double-stranded DNA to an underlying gold surface surrounded by a single-stranded DNA monolayer. The ability of DNA to transport charge carriers and the possible mechanisms for this transport were(More)
Nanoelectronics is potentially one of the branches of Nanotechnology with the most significant commercial impact and covers a very wide range of interdisciplinary areas of research and development such as telecommunications, automotive , multimedia, consumer goods and medical systems. The emergence of new research directions such as Hybrid molecular(More)
We briefly present the results of recent experiments of transverse scanning tunneling spectroscopy of homogeneous poly(dG)-poly(dC) DNA molecules and discuss them in the light of theoretical investigation. A semiempirical theoretical model is adopted to describe the transverse tunneling current across a DNA molecule placed between a metallic gold substrate(More)
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