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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) control gene expression at the post-transcriptional level. However, the identification of miRNAs regulating the fate of a specific messenger RNA remains limited due to the imperfect complementarity of miRNAs and targeted transcripts. Here, we describe miTRAP (miRNA trapping by RNA in vitro affinity purification), an advanced protocol of(More)
The tumor-suppressive let-7 microRNA family targets various oncogene-encoding mRNAs. We identify the let-7 targets HMGA2, LIN28B and IGF2BP1 to form a let-7 antagonizing self-promoting oncogenic triangle. Surprisingly, 3'-end processing of IGF2BP1 mRNAs is unaltered in aggressive cancers and tumor-derived cells although IGF2BP1 synthesis was proposed to(More)
The function of complex networks in the nervous system relies on the proper formation of neuronal contacts and their remodeling. To decipher the molecular mechanisms underlying these processes, it is essential to establish unbiased automated tools allowing the correlation of neurite morphology and the subcellular distribution of molecules by quantitative(More)
Microscope imaging technologies have turned out to yield an indispensable tool in modern biomedical research. Combined with fluorescence labeling techniques they not only provide new perspectives on tissues and cells as a whole, but also on processes at the cellular level, and will be one important experimental technique of systems biology. To handle this(More)
Durch die Kombination bildgebender Verfahren in der Mikroskopie mit Techniken der Fluoreszenzmarkierung eröffnen sich neue Perspektiven und experimentelle Techniken in den biomedizinischen Wissenschaften. Der heutige Technikstandard ermöglicht es, große Mengen an Daten zu produzieren, die verarbeitet und ausgewertet werden müssen. Um mit der ständig(More)
Leukaemogenesis requires enhanced self-renewal, which is induced by oncogenes. The underlying molecular mechanisms remain incompletely understood. Here, we identified C/D box snoRNAs and rRNA 2'-O-methylation as critical determinants of leukaemic stem cell activity. Leukaemogenesis by AML1-ETO required expression of the groucho-related amino-terminal(More)
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