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Translingual information retrieval TIR con sists of providing a query in one language and searching document collections in one or more di erent languages This paper introduces new TIR methods and reports on comparative TIR experiments with these new methods and with previously reported ones in a realistic setting Methods fall into two categories query(More)
Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a plant pathogen that has the natural ability of delivering and integrating a piece of its own DNA into plant genome. Although bacterial non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) have been shown to regulate various biological processes including virulence, we have limited knowledge of how Agrobacterium ncRNAs regulate this unique inter-Kingdom(More)
PURPOSE In lung radiotherapy, variations in cycle-to-cycle breathing results in four-dimensional computed tomography imaging artifacts, leading to inaccurate beam coverage and tumor targeting. In previous studies, the effect of audiovisual (AV) biofeedback on the external respiratory signal reproducibility has been investigated but the internal anatomy(More)
PURPOSE To assess the impact of an audiovisual (AV) biofeedback on intra- and interfraction tumor motion for lung cancer patients. METHODS AND MATERIALS Lung tumor motion was investigated in 9 lung cancer patients who underwent a breathing training session with AV biofeedback before 2 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sessions. The breathing training(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a topic labeling component for the Informedia Digital Video Library. Each news story recorded from the evening news is assigned to one of 3178 topic categories using a K-nearest neighbor classification algorithm. In preliminary tests, the system achieved recall of 0.49 1 with relevance of 0.482 when up to 5 topics(More)
In vitro biotransformation assays are currently being explored to improve estimates of bioconcentration factors of potentially bioaccumulative organic chemicals in fish. The present study compares thin-film and solvent-delivery dosing techniques as well as single versus multiple chemical dosing for measuring biotransformation rates of selected polycyclic(More)
PURPOSE The accuracy of motion prediction, utilized to overcome the system latency of motion management radiotherapy systems, is hampered by irregularities present in the patients' respiratory pattern. Audiovisual (AV) biofeedback has been shown to reduce respiratory irregularities. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that AV biofeedback(More)
Informedia Digital Video Library Alexander G. Hauptmann, Danny Lee and Paul E. Kennedy Abstract The Informedia Digital Video Library Project includes a multilingual component for retrieval of video documents in multiple languages and a topic-labeling component for English video documents. We now extend this capability to English topic labeling of(More)
Ecological risk assessments typically are organized using the processes of planning (a discussion among managers, stakeholders, and analysts to clarify ecosystem management goals and assessment scope) and problem formulation (evaluation of existing information to generate hypotheses about adverse ecological effects, select assessment endpoints, and develop(More)