Danny Kingsley

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In Australia, research reporting is considered a way to increase awareness of and support for opening up accessibility to research outputs. This paper explores the fundamental differences between disciplines, which extend beyond publishing outputs. Most crucially, the information-seeking behaviour of a disciplinary cohort will determine the likelihood of(More)
This will be a special issue related to the areas of open access and scholarly communications (including case studies, scholarly communication case studies) Abstract Purpose of this paper By describing some of the often ignored aspects of repository advocacy, such as disciplinary differences and how these might affect the adoption of a particular(More)
The voluntary uptake of institutional repositories by academics has been disappointing. This paper describes the repository situation in Australia, and looks at the mandates in place for academics to use them. It then explores the inherent conflict between the institutional requirements of reporting and the 'invisible college' – the allegiances academics(More)
Repository managers can never be one hundred percent sure of the security of hosted research data. Even assuming that human errors and technical faults will never happen, repositories can be subject to hacking attacks. Therefore, repositories accepting personal/sensitive data (or other forms of restricted data) should have workflows in place with defined(More)
Research Data Management (RDM) presents an unusual challenge for service providers in Higher Education. There is increased awareness of the need for training in this area but the nature of disciplinespecific practices involved make it difficult to provide training across a multi-disciplinary organisation. Whilst most UK universities now have a research data(More)