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Myosins are actin-based motors that are generally believed to move by amplifying small structural changes in the core motor domain via a lever arm rotation of the light chain binding domain. However, the lack of a quantitative agreement between observed step sizes and the length of the proposed lever arms from different myosins challenges this view. We(More)
The quantification of the cellular transport capacity for the DNA staining dye Hoechst 33342 out of the cell is a widely accepted marker for recognition of stem cells. Cells with such an increased level of dye efflux (the so-called side population) can be detected on a flow cytometer equipped with a UV laser. Active transport mechanisms of this type play an(More)
Use of reconstituted lyophilized protein-based materials in the clinical laboratory is partly based on the assumption that these materials adequately simulate patients' sera. We examined several of these materials and found that certain ones do not have the same adsorbancies at 340 and 380 nm as do most sera. The implication of this is examined with respect(More)
We describe a method for ultrafiltrable calcium involving the use of Worthington Ultrafree Anticonvulsant Drug Filters. When measured at 37 degrees C, with mineral oil covering the sample to prevent loss of CO2, values for ultrafiltrable calcium correlated reasonably well (r = 0.91) with those for ionized calcium as measured with an ion-selective electrode.(More)
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