Danny J Carreon

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Obesity strongly increases the risk of endometrial cancer and is projected to increase current and future endometrial cancer incidence. In order to fully understand endometrial cancer incidence, one should also examine both hysterectomy, which eliminates future risk of endometrial cancer, and endometrial hyperplasia (EH), a precursor that prompts treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Norovirus is an important cause of childhood diarrhea. We present data from a longitudinal, multicountry study describing norovirus epidemiology during the first 2 years of life. METHODS A birth cohort of 1457 children across 8 countries contributed 7077 diarrheal stools for norovirus testing. A subset of 199 children contributed additional(More)
The main goal of this study is to be able to create E-learning software that can be a great help to IT or CS Students as well as to those people who are interested in programming by using their mobile phones, specifically, Android phones. It aims to answer if there is any significant difference between the existing webpage e-learning system and the proposed(More)
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