Danny Halperin

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We consider the followingdynamic data structure problem. Given a collection of rigid bodies moving in 3-dimensional space and hinged together in a kinematic structure, our goal is to efficiently maintain a data structure that allows us to quickly answer range queries as the bodies move. This kinematic data structure problem arises in a variety of(More)
Programmable force vector elds can be used to control a variety of exible planar parts feeders such as massively-parallel micro actuator arrays or transversely vibrating macroscopic plates. These new automation designs promise great exibility, speed, and dexterity|they may beemployed to position, orient, singulate, sort, feed, and assemble parts. A w ealth(More)
A CMOS CPU which operates at 90 MHz under typical conditions and implements an existing RISC (reduced-instruction-set-computer) 140-instruction set is described. The processor has been designed for sustained performance for workstation and both commercial and technical multiuser applications. Key performance features include a 3-ns, 32-b adder; low-skew(More)
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