Danny Fernandes

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One widely-reported prediction is that the availability of low-cost information on price, specifically the rise of comparison shopping agents, will lead all Internet retailers to charge the same price for mass-produced physical goods and that price will be approximately cost. This prediction is, however, in tension with another prediction – that firms(More)
Two conflicting predictions have emerged regarding the effect of low-cost information on price. The first states that all Internet retailers will charge the same low price for mass produced goods. The second states that Internet retailers will differentiate to avoid intense price competition. Using data collected in April 1999 on the prices of 107 books in(More)
Consistency-based feature selection is an important category of feature selection research yet is defined only intuitively in the literature. First, we formally define a consistency measure, and then using this definition, evaluate 19 feature selection measures from the literature. While only 5 of these were labeled as consistency measures by their original(More)
In this paper, we present a new method to perform overlapped block motion compensation (OBMC) using the modified Sigmoid window (MSW). The proposed MSW-OBMC method uses a variable weighting function to generate a window in order to maximally reduce the blocky artifacts on the edges of the block under consideration. It can be applied in any block partitioned(More)
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