Danny De Waele

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The comprehension of living organisms in all their complexity poses a major challenge to the biological sciences. Recently, systems biology has been proposed as a new candidate in the development of such a comprehension. The main objective of this paper is to address what systems biology is and how it is practised. To this end, the basic tools of a systems(More)
Recapitulating how genetic modification technology and its agro-food products aroused strong societal opposition in the European Union, this paper demonstrates how this opposition contributed to shape the European regulatory frame on GM crops. More specifically, it describes how this opposition contributed to a de facto moratorium on the commercialization(More)
Molecular biology continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Besides contributing to a massive increase of data on the building blocks of living organisms and to the development of technological tools to uncover these data, the widely adopted ‘post-genomic’ perspective increasingly challenges genetic reductionism and the reduction of biology to one subdiscipline(More)
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